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Baby Mohammad Omar Siddiq, the 7th child of Mr. Abdul Razzaq Siddiq was
borned on 7 February 2008 in Philippines. He was born healthy and normal
weighed 8 pounds. Six months later, in September 2008 during Ramadan month,
his head started to swell and his fontal swelled. He was brought to the Asian
Hospital in Philippines where Omar was found to have air in his abdomen and
constipated for 5 days. Omar was then diagnosed with Hydrocephaly (water in
the brain).

Omar was then asked to have CT Scan done and was found to have brain tumor
in the right lateral ventricle of the brain with all four ventricles were dilated with
water. Omar was diagnosed with Choroid Plexus Papiloma, benign tumor. The
surgeon in Philippine had suggested for Omar to undergo a brain surgery to
remove the tumor. Mr. Razzaq hesitated, as he was worried of the risk of his life.
He then decided for Omar to have ventricular tap just to put the catheter in the
brain ventricle to aspirate the water. The doctor was then able to aspirate 50 ml
of water. The second ventricular tap was not as successful as it was only 15 cc of
water drawn out.

In October 6, 2008, baby Omar had to undergo a surgery in order to place a tube
in the ventricle, which goes under the skin and the other tube, was inserted in
the peritoneal cavity. Water could then be drained out from his peritoneal
abdominal cavity. Omar was initially responding well as water could be
removed. Only after a month later, his abdominal cavity was not able to absorb
any more water resulting in enlarged waistline, which reached 62 cm.
As baby Omar’s condition worsened, Mr. Razzaq moved him to Manila Medical
Center where doctor performed abdominal peracythesis in which a catheter was
inserted with the ultrasound guided to aspirate the water. Doctor was able to
drain out 2.5 l of fluid from his abdomen. Omar’s condition deteriorated as his
blood pressure (BP) was low and he was dehydrated and breathless. He was
then on IV fluid to hydrate him. Two days later, baby Omar was brought him and
again, his abdomen grew big up to 63 cm.

On February 1, 2009, he was brought to ICU in Asian Hospital, Manila, as his
condition was critical. Doctor was able to draw out 8 l water. Doctor was then
draining water on daily basis with approximately 2 l per day. On February 14,
2008, Omar was then transferred to the ward and the next day, his lungs were
filled with water. His chest cavity was filled with water causing his lungs to
collapse. The doctor then drew fluid from both his abdomen and his cavity on a
daily basis.

On March 8, 2009, Mr. Razzaq finally decided to bring baby Omar to Singapore to
seek medical treatment. He was admitted to neonatal ICU upon his arrival. Water
had to be drained on a daily basis both from his cavity and abdomen. He was
given 5 l of IV fluid to replace the 5 l of water that was drawn daily.
Baby Omar was under the care of professor/ Dr Timothy Lee who is a profound
neurosurgeon. Dr lee decided to exteriorize so that water could accumulate in
the plastic bag instead. His condition was stabilized enough for him to undergo a
major surgery to remove his tumor.

On March 26, 2009, baby Omar underwent an eight‐hour surgery in which Dr
Lee successfully removed the 9 cm tumor. A day after his surgery, he had fit and
his BP was high. Medication was administered to lower his BP. A CT Scan was
then ordered to determine the cause of the fit. CT Scan revealed no bleeding and
the fit was just the irritation of the operation. Omar continued to have high fever
till March 31, 2009.

Baby Omar’s condition was then progressively improving. He started drinking
milk. Dr Lee discharged him on April 4, 2009. He is doing well now. The team of
doctors and nurses organized a party to celebrate his miracle recovery. Indeed,
baby Omar is God sent miracle baby.