Waking up from Vegetative State after Head Injury

Manimaran, 29 year old, Singapore

Manimaran remained in a coma after motorbike accident in 2008. He had operations in a government hospital in Singapore to remove blood clot in the brain.

Six months later he was still in a coma. He opened his eyes but stared only blankly and did not respond to us at all (in a vegetative
state). His doctor in the hospital said nothing further can be done.

We sought help from Dr Timothy Lee. He advised a lumbar puncture to measure the pressure of the water in the head. It was
high as he suspected. He then advised a small shunt operation. After the operation, Manimaran smiled at us for the first time.
One month after operation, he moved his head and opened his eyes and looked at us. Three months after surgery he started
making sound but still unable to talk.

One day when the mother touched him, he scolded and swore at her. The mother felt hurt and cried. She told the home helper the
next day. The home helper was surprised and said that meant he could talk now. The mother called her sister and asked her to
drop everything and come home quickly. She arrived home to find Manimaran able to call her name.

Now he can joke with us and move his right arm. He is so different now compared with the time when we were told that there was
no hope of waking up from coma. The road to recovery is still long and hard but with the support of the extended family, we are sure he will be better.

Editor’s comment:

The happiness on the family members’ face is the best reward for a doctor. Excessive water accumulation in the head can impede
the recovery. In some case as in Manimaran’s draining the water can result in good improvement.

“Ordinary complaints”

Tan Pao Suang, 54 year old, Medan

This mother of three seems like an ordinary woman. She complained of the same daily complaints like all of us: sometimes she could not sleep, often forgot things, when she walked she sometimes bumped into things or felt giddy.

But four years ago, who would expect that all the symptoms led to a tumor in her brain. Started with normal complaints that seem very normal in our eyes, she did not really give much attention to all the symptoms, until people around her started to feel something was off.When they talked to her, her body would lean toward one side. When she took a step, she couldn’t raise her feet to climb the stairs. So she got tripped and fell quite often.

She then realized something was wrong: the giddiness was not like ordinary giddiness, her headache was so severe that she kept
vomiting. Slowly her hand could not function very well and her body was getting weaker.

She went to her general practitioner. From doctor to doctor, she finally met Dr. Timothy Lee from a friend’s advice. Soon Dr. Lee found out that the source of all the symptoms was a tumor in her brain. That tumor was quite
big, 5cm, or as big as a small apple. Doctor immediately advised her to have a surgery done and she agreed.

When asked why she agreed to have a surgery done by Dr. Timothy Lee, she answered, “Dr. Lee is very patient, he explained in details what the problem is, what the patient has to do and what he will do about the tumor. I felt peaceful.”

Not only her, but her husband and children supported her decision to have the surgery. The decision to do an operation was quick; it only took 3 days from the first time they met to the surgery day. This was because the patient and her family wanted their wife and mother to be able to recover quickly and to get rid of the problem as soon as possible, have more time to recover and not feeling depressed anymore.

Now, it’s been four years since the surgery, Tan Pao Suang does not have any complaint. After the surgery she immediately felt better. Now she still check her condition once every year. But she’s in a very good condition, no complaint at all and she can live her life normally.

She advised: “No one knows our body better than ourselves. If we feel there’s something wrong with it, it’s best if we consult with the expert to detect the problem earlier. With early detection, we can take a prevention steps to prevent a bigger problem. It’s normal for patient to feel fearful, but it’s important for us to have the courage for our future and our beloved ones. “

Editor’s comment:
This patient had a meningioma which was completely removed.

“New Lease of Life”

Indranita D, 36 years old

I could not balance myself when I walked. I was 26 years old
then. I also often had dizziness and more severely by the day.

Initially a CT scan was recommended to check my sinuses, but the scan showed there was a tumor in my head instead. I then visited a neurosurgeon, who found a pingpong ballsized tumor. I had surgery in Indonesia in 1989. The operation failed; the tumor could not be removed. My nerves were also cut off accidentally causing another medical problem that I had to adhere to. I often had a cough.

My condition deteriorated over a period of 2 years. I became too sick to swallow my food, my hands were shaking and often had tingling sensation. It turned out that my tumor had grown to as big as a duck egg. I had another operation in Japan in 2001; tumor could only be retrieved as much as 98%. 2% could not be removed because it involved the nerve that controls movement I was told.

In 2001, my health was very poor then. I had another operation in Jakarta by a professor from Japan. One year later, the doctor found tumor growing again. In 2002, the doctor installed a hose to remove excessive liquid from my brain. In 2003, my health worsened again and this time much worse. I came to consult Professor Timothy Lee. I had to undergo surgery 5 times within 2 months. One major operation to remove

the tumour once and for all and 4 minor ones to fix the water problems. After the last surgery, I was very grateful everything was over, as this time the surgery was indeed a success.

“God’s Hands” 

Ninfa T. Hermanto , 51 year old

On March 22, 2008, when I was on holiday in Singapore with my family, I had problem with my balance. I could not walk along a straight path, could not go up and down the stairs. I also had problems determining the direction and everything was contrary to my wishes.

I also experienced loss of my memory for 2 minutes and I could not recognize myself.

I immediately was recommended to meet with a neurologist. My MRI showed a tumor in the cerebrum, which seemed to be malignant. I was recommended to undergo immediate surgery. I went to Professor Timothy Lee who performed this major surgery for 9 hours. I woke up in the recovery room after the surgery. I was in the ICU for 1 day and a week in hospital.

I felt relieved and grateful after hearing from the pathology that my tumor was not malignant and I was given only 3 kinds of
medications. . I felt very grateful indeed for the goodness of God the Almighty.

i will pray for Professor Timothy Lee.

Thank God for such a good and caring doctor. I am sure that Professor Timothy Lee’s hands (divine hands) are created to do God’s works and to continue God’s work on earth.

Editor comments:

Ninfa’s tumour looked like a malignant tumour on MRI scan but an epidermoid was found instead, a benign growth.

Thanks be to God.

“Miracle Girl”

Chris Clarissa Wongso, 10 years old

Chris Clarissa Wongso was a dedicated student, beautiful little girl and filial daughter until one fateful day that robbed her childhood innocence. On June 9, 2006, Clarissa came out from a swimming pool experiencing severe headache and nose pain.

She vomited and felt weak before she went to sleep that night. Her condition deteriorated and her parents decided to bring her to a hospital where the doctor found that the blood vessels in the right side of the brain had burst. Despite her critical condition, Clarissa was left unattended for 24 hours without receiving any treatment.

Mr. Wongso demanded her daughter to be transferred to another hospital in Jakarta as her helplessness pained and pierced his heart sharply. Clarissa was then operated on June 10, 2006 at 3 pm to remove the blood clot. Within two weeks after the first surgery, Clarissa had to undergo 5 operations to remove fluid and further blood clots.

Clarissa was then put on strong medications as her lungs were infected. The high dosage of medications had cause liver and kidney failure. ACT Scan was then ordered and found that her leftbrain was still bleeding. The team of doctors in Indonesia had expressed their apologies for not being able to manage her condition any further.

Mr. Wongso was devastated hearing that the doctors were unable to manage her. He prayed that God would guide him to seek medical treatment in Singapore. Unfortunately, two neurosurgeons that he had met in Singapore had refused to treat Clarissa as her conditions were beyond healing. Mr. Wongso then met Professor/Dr Timothy Lee who was willing to give it a try with God’s help.

Clarissa underwent a major surgery by Dr Lee in October 2006 in Singapore in which Dr Lee had to do a massive clean-up of the blood clots in her

Clarissa when she first arrived in Singapore with little response, a tube in her
nose and another in her throat. There was a skull defect with a closed right eye.

brain. Another surgery was performed a week later to install a programmable shunt to control the fluid from the brain. She was in hospital for 2 months before leaving for home.

Clarissa had since then made a miraculous and speedy recovery. She was able to utter some words and able to compose notes to make music on her piano. God has given her a ‘new’ life with amazing capabilities to sing and play the piano. She is now undergoing physiotherapies that will teach her to walk and strengthen her muscles.

Thanks Be to God for His willingness to walk with me during my darkest days.

Pastor Daniel

Editor comments:

When Clarissa first arrived in Singapore, she could not talk and was bed-ridden. Neurosurgeons in Jakarta and Bandung predicted a hopeless outcome and they were surprised to see Clarissa’s recovery. Thanks be to God.

“Healing Hands”

Indranita D, 36 years old

In 2003, I was having a meal with the family in Chalendra, Marriot Hotel,Jakarta, sharing our joy

with a lot of family members. We were then moved to sit at the back near the kitchen.

Barely 5 minutes after we sat down, I heard a bomb exploded. I was thrown for about 3 meters. A few minutes later, another bomb
exploded and I was thrown again. I then helped my brother out of the room and joined other patrons outside the hotel. I felt my shirt
as covered with blood. 15 minutes later, my friend also joined us and his body was also covered with blood.

I was then brought to Siloam Graha Hospital to receive emergency treatment. I was getting sick and in severe pain as I was not able to take pain killer due to my allergies to most pain medications.

In 2004, I felt pain in my neck, especially in the C5/C6/C7. I thought the chair in my office had caused this severe pain. In 2005,
I felt very sick and I thought that was due to playing golf and I must have made a wrong movement. In 2006, I felt pain in my hands.
Then I started physiotherapy. I also consulted with a neurologist, but nobody could be sure about my condition. In 2008, my condition worsened and my hand could not be raised again. The cup that I was holding fell because my hands had no sense anymore and I could not get up from my bed. I then visited a Chinese physician, who agreed that the nerves in my neck were trapped.

In February 2009, the situation worsened, my hands lost their senses and I consulted a doctor who told me that I was infected with
viruses in the nerve. I was then advised to delay my neck surgery. In 2009, I returned to Singapore and Professor Timothy Lee
performed a major operation for about 7 hours (including anaesthetic preparation and recovery time). I was in the ICU for a day and the next day I was moved to a regular ward. I am indeed very thankful that I experienced speedy recovery and fast healing time.

I was allowed to go home. I am also truly grateful; the surgery was a success, my hands could move and feel again and I could
lift my hands up again.

Marx B. Suwandynata is my younger brother. He suddenly fell and must be immediately operated on as there was a 95% blockage of the artery in the neck. My brother’s operation by Professor Lee in Singapore went well and successful.

It is all God’s blessings and thanks be to the Almighty God for all His blessings.

Editor comments:

Indranita came from a family of doctors. She needed a 2 levels neck operation and fusion with plates and screws to solve her

“Unexpected Recovery”….

Mammik Sukijan, Jakarta 83 years old

I had pain in my lower back for one year, a month after I fell.
Within 6 months, my pain became severe and I was in pain even
when lying down and walking.

Doctors in Indonesia could not recommend surgery because of my age (80 years). They encouraged me to do physiotherapy 3 times a week. The result was less than satisfactory. I felt good for 2 or 3 days and then the pain returned again.

I met Professor Timothy Lee and he suggested doing an operation on L4 and L5. He was very optimistic that the operating results would be successful.

I had a 7-hour surgery (including anesthetics and recovery time) and I was very relieved. 2 days after the surgery I could walk and did not feel any pain.

3 years had passed and I have not experienced any problems. I also do not feel pain, and according to the last scan, the condition
of L4 and L5 are still good condition. The operation has been very successful.
Editor comments:
This 80 year old lady with a heart problem and previous stenting needed a lumbar spine fusion using pins and rods. For her lumbar
spinal condition, surgery was the only way to fix the problems.

“A Delicate Doctor”

Pastor Budy Hidajat, Jakarta

His name is Budy Hidajat, or more often known as Pastor Budi
Hidajat. This preacher from International Full Gospel Fellowship
Church in Jakarta had experienced 4 years of low back pain.

Since he did not feel the pain too badly he ignored it. It gradually got worse and 3-4 years later he started to feel the disturbing pain and his feet were numb. Then he started to look for a doctor in his home country Indonesia.

The doctors in Indonesia gave him various diagnoses, from trapped nerves to scoliosis and suggested physiotherapy. But nothing really gave a significant impact; he still felt the pain and he did not see any result from all the therapy.

He finally decided to look for a doctor in Singapore. After a consultation with a doctor at NUH and MRI scan, he was suggested to do a surgery. But he was still unsure. He had a chat with his colleague in Singapore, Pastor Handoyo Goenawan, who suggested
consulting with Dr. Timothy Lee. Dr. Lee then explained to him that there was a tumor in his spine which pressed on the nerves. As a result it weakened his nerves and he felt so much pain in his back, with his feet numb and weak. Dr. Lee advised an operation to remove the tumor.

Pastor Budi kept trying to delay it, but Dr. Lee reminded him: even though this tumor grows slowly, in the end it will further weaken the nerves in his both legs and in the end he still have to do the surgery. A repeat MRI was done 5 months later and this showed that the tumor grew bigger and the size became 4×7 cm.

By the end of 2008, Ps. Budi finally decided to go for the tumor resection surgery. He said, “Dr. Lee is very delicate, he explains to me what he will do during the surgery and what the risk is.

He explains that the risk from this surgery is: if there’s any nerves got cut during the surgery it will weaken some part of the feet. If this happens, after the first surgery, he will perform another surgery to fix the nerves; my point is he treats his patient carefully. “

After a 10 hours surgery, the operation finished at 10 pm. When he woke up the next morning, Dr. Lee was checking his condition. Ps Budi said he’s amazed with Dr. Lee, “First time in the morning he had come and checked my condition, while he just came home at midnight after 10 hours surgery.” Dr. Lee explains that this is indeed the longest and hardest spinal surgery he ever performed.

His condition is very well after surgery; the only weak part is the toes. Therefore he doesn’t need to have another surgery. Ps. Budi says he didn’t feel like having a surgery done, because when he woke up he didn’t feel any pain. After 6 days stay in the hospital he did not have any complaint and was discharged.
Now 2 years later, he still does not have any pain or complaint. He still comes to check regularly, but now he can do his activity normally and the best thing is that he can give his best to the people with a healthy body.

Editor comments:

Pastor Budi had the largest spinal tumour I have seen in 24 years as a neurosurgeon. As the tumour usually arises from a nerve, sacrifice of the nerve is often needed, resulting in weakness or numbness in the leg. But thanks be to God, he had only slight weakness in the toes.

An intelligent God-fearing mum

Winston Huang, 11 years old

Four years ago when I was 11, my studies dropped drastically.
My parents thought I was just not working hard and scolded me.

So I tried harder but it didn’t work. I started to bump into people and had trouble seeing things outside a 10 degree radius. I didn’t know that it was not normal as it had happened so gradually, so I did not complain.

Nightmare began when my family took our Chinese  New Year vacation in Australia. I suddenly felt  terribly sluggish and started having trouble comprehending things. I kept having terrible headaches that raked claws of pain inside my
skull. I could not eat as whatever I ate made me feel sick and would come up in a matter of minutes. My weight fell drastically within days. They took me to a nearby clinic where they hooked a drip to me (ow, those needles…). It only worked for a
few hours each day and eventually, the headache would return to torment me. We quickly returned to Singapore.

I was immediately warded into ICU in a government hospital and MRI scan found a giant brain tumor the size of 1/4 of my brain! (try clenching your palm over your fist for a rough idea) So I literally had a quarter of my brain almost missing. While many people
would say that everyone would be terrified when they find out they might die, I believe that there is another group of people whom when they find out they might die, feel nothing but calm resignation; I was one of them. I was just so tired…I didn’t care
anymore. I smiled at my parents and asked if it was going to be hard on them financially.

Our first surgeon advised us to have radiotherapy after the first operation. I refused and was under tremendous pressure because I am not a doctor and I am going against many doctors’ advice to opt for radiotherapy. Am I compromising on Winston’s life? But the radiotherapists told me that radiation may cause Winston not to be able to reach puberty as the tumor is near his pituitary gland and his vision would be truncated. His intelligence may also be compromised. Am I willing to allow that to happen to my son when what we read in medical literature told us that ependymoma can only be treated with complete surgical excision? Anyway,there were also many medical literature that stated that ependymoma do not respond to radiation.

It was a painful lonely journey. Not to know what to do and to take a lot of risks not to let Winston go ahead with the radiotherapy. God was there for us all the way. He directed our paths. He gave me wisdom on where to seek treatment. He gave me courage to go against some doctors’ decisions on radiotherapy. One Christian doctor that made a difference in helping me to find strength and that was Professor Thomas Quah Thuan Chong, Head of Children’s Cancer unit at NUH . His kindness and caring ways gave me strength though he was not directly taking care of Winston. He recommended Dr Timothy Lee to us.

A year after the first operation in 2006 February, we found a tumor recurring again. Actually to be correct, it was more like an incomplete excision in the first surgery. We could see that there was a distinct white mass (the root/stem of the tumor)
that was evident in the early post surgical MRI after the first surgery. We do not blame anyone either as this kind of tumor is children is rare in Singapore.

This time, in a way, we were better prepared and though the news was equally devastating, we had more time to look for a brain surgeon we were more comfortable with and more confident in. We want a doctor who is as skillful as he is compassionate
and kind. After asking around people in the medical field, we shortlisted Dr Timothy Lee. After we consulted with him, I knew I could trust him and that God would operate on Winston through

A few hours later, I went into my surgery with a dose of morphin dripped into my bloodstream… I woke up 6 hours later as I was wheeled out of the surgery room. I found out the details from my (rather shaken) parents. They opened my skull easily enough, but when they saw my tumor, they were stunned. The tumor was a rare type they had never seen before and they didn’t handle it
properly leaving some cells behind. Everything was fine for one year; then the tumor grew back due to the improper surgery.

This time my parents went to see 7 doctors before deciding on one. So that’s how I found myself in Dr Timothy Lee’s hands. He is a kind, Christian doctor who assured my parents and was optimistic by nature. This operation went well too under his hands.
For bringing something into this world that gives hope to others is one of the greatest gifts in life…

Winston’s mum story:
Winston took his annual MRI brain scan yesterday. This is the third year since his second surgery. The results indicate a clear scan with no tumour. We lift our heart in praise and thanks to God.

Not only have I seen God’s goodness to us, we also have been touched by many of our friends’ and strangers’ kindness and help to us during one of the darkest time of our life. Since then, we have learnt to be more kind and giving because of what
others have done for us. Of course the other most priceless change that we saw was papa who came to know the Lord.

When I first heard that my son has a brain tumour, my response was: Oh my God! My God! What is happening to my child ? Why are you taking away my son? We were devastated. After the first surgery at a government hospital in Singapore, we did
some research on his kind of tumor, ependymoma and we found out that no one knew why and how it occur. The best treatment is surgery and not radiotherapy.

Dr Lee. We noted that Dr Lee is of a good age too. Not too young to be inexperienced and not too old to withstand long surgeries. Above all, he is a Christian and one who knows God.

On the day of the surgery, the day before papa’s birthday on 4th May 2007, Winston was prepared to be operated on. I was with Winston before he entered the operating theatre . When Dr Lee came in, he prayed briefly with us that God be in control and that God would move his hands. That act of committing the operation to God by the surgeon was tremendous comfort to me because
this means that this surgeon is opened to God’s leading and when God is in the picture, nothing can go wrong.

After the operation, Dr Lee shared with us that one portion of the brain tissues looked a little suspicious. Though the frozen section came back with no tumor cells present, Dr Lee decided to remove that portion as well. It was also at this point in time that I realized the wisdom not subjecting Winston to radiation.

Had Winston been given radiation, there would be scar tissues and it would be more difficult for surgeons to differentiate between healthy scar tissues and tumor tissues. Most probably, Dr Lee would not be able to see so clearly the tumor tissues during the operation. On that realization, we really thanked God that He has given me the courage to go against many doctors’ advice of
radiation. As for the frozen results, it was not accurate. Dr Lee was correct to follow his instinct to remove those suspicious looking tissues because the histology reports that came in a few days later did show that those tissues were indeed unhealthy tumor tissues.We really praise God for working through the surgeon. When God is in the picture, nothing will go wrong!

We also want to thank Dr Timothy Lee and many other people who have made this miracle possible. Without all these angels, my son will not be here today and without all the prayer support and emotional support, we would have fallen into pieces. THANK YOU.

“Toddler Overcomes Adversity to Reclaim Her Bubbly Self”

Atikah, 20 months old, Brunei

Little Atikah’s parents first suspected that there was something wrong with their baby when her neck became a bit still and her head started tilting to the right. The once-active baby had also turned into a moody child who would cry non-stop at times.

CT and MRI scans in Brunei subsequently showed that their daughter had a tumor in her brain, with the tumor cells scattered in several locations. The water pressure in her brain was also higher than normal, a condition which could lead to brain damage.

An operation was done immediately in Brunei and confirmed that Atikah had an ependymoma. Her neurosurgeon in Brunei recommended either chemotherapy or further brain surgery in Singapore as the next course of action.

She was referred to Professor TC Quah, Pediatric Oncologist at National University Hospital, who found that the tumor had spread
to both the left and right sides of her neck, as well as residual tumor in the brain. He then referred the patient to a private neurosurgeon Dr Timothy Lee.

Within a month, Atikah was operated on four times at Mount Alvernia Hospital. Two of the operations were surgical excisions to remove all the cancer cells. The first took about 16 hours and the second took about 8 hours. The other two were shunt operations to drain excessive water from her brain in order to reduce pressure.

Atikah celebrated her second birthday on 27 March 2009 at the CCU. The birthday girl was, by then, able to taste a little of her favorite chocolate cake and ice cream. Shortly before Atikah was discharged in mid May 2009, Dr Lee had some good news for her
parents; the MRI scans done immediately after

surgery and three months later showed that all her tumor cells were gone.

Editor comments:

Atikah’s residual tumour after first operation in Brunei was still large and challenging. It took 2 operations to completely remove it. MRI scan done 18 months after operation did not show any tumour. Atikah is developing like normal child now.

Atikah 18 months after operation

God’s Child”

Our child Kelvin, 10 years old

My wife, Ayen and myself, David have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. Our first child is Kelvin, our only girl is Angeline, and the youngest is Frederick.

Another case of medulloblastoma: a 12 months old baby
with a huge tumour treated with a total surgical excision,
bone marrow transplant and aggressive chemotherapy. She
is in remission since 2004

In mid-February 2008, our first child suffered from severe vomiting and there was no balance in his steps and often he hit his sister. I took him to a child’s eye doctor in Surabaya. I expected and thought that my child was contracting with serious eye
disease. But after undergoing checks at the doctor’s clinic, the result was unexpectedly normal. But the eye doctor recommended Kelvin to undergo CT scan on his brain.

A day later when the results of CT scans were obtained I was devastated that he suffered from a brain tumor with a diameter of 2.2 cm. According to a neurosurgeon, Kelvin had to undergo surgery immediately so that Kevin would not suffer other medical  problems such as blindness.

We were given 3 days by the doctor in Surabaya to make a decision and to prepare the funds for the operation. Once we decided
to undergo the operation, we received an advice from our friends in Singapore for the operation to be conducted in Singapore. We
were introduced to Professor Timothy Lee. Three days later, Kelvin was operated at Mount Alvernia Hospital, a Catholic hospital
in Singapore. The operation to remove the tumor continued for about 10 hours. Kelvin was in ICU for one day.

It was found that the tumor belonged to a malignant group. A week after surgery, my doctor recommended Kevin to undergo 31
sessions of chemotherapy. We struggled with each of our trips to Singapore and fought back our tears each time we saw him helpless with the needles piercing his bony hands.

Kelvin finally completed the last course of chemotherapy in the beginning of July 2009. Kelvin was then given the wonderful news
that his cancer cells had been fully destroyed. I could only say many thanks to all those who have given me help to my families both in terms of material and in moral support.

May the good Lord repay all your kindness.

“Beyond Miracle “

Mohammad Omar Siddiq, 6 month old

Baby Mohammad Omar Siddiq, the 7th child of Mr. Abdul Razzaq Siddiq was born on 7 February 2008. He was healthy and normal, weighing 8 pounds.


Six months later, in September 2008during Ramadan month, his head started to swell, especially the forehead. He was admitted
to the Asian Hospital in Philippines and a CT scan of the brain revealed a huge tumour (chorid plexus papilloma) in the right side
of the brain (lateral ventricle) with much excessive water (hydrocephalus). In October 6, 2008, baby Omar had to undergo a surgery to place a tube in the ventricle in the brain so that the excessive water can be drained into the abdomen.

Omar initially responeded well but then his abdomen grew bigger and bigger as his abdomen could not reabsorb all the
excessive fluid. Mr. Razzaq moved him to Manila Medical Center where doctor performed abdominal tap in which a catheter
was inserted with ultrasound guidance to aspirate the water. Doctor was able to drain to determine the cause of the fit. CT scan
revealed no bleeding and the fit was just due to irritation by the operation.

Baby Omar’s condition progressively improved. He started drinking milk. Dr Lee discharged him on April 4, 2009. He is doing
well now. The team of doctors and nurses organized a party to celebrate his miraculous recovery. Indeed, baby Omar is a God sent
miracle baby.

Editor comments:

Baby Omar was very sick when he arrived at Gleneagles ICU. He had a rare benign tumour which produces excessive water. The daily production of fluid was about half of his body weight!!! Follow-up scans 1 year later showed no evidence of tumour.

out 2.5 l of fluid from his abdomen. Omar’s condition deteriorated as his blood pressure was low. He was dehydrated and breathless as the excessive water went to his lung.

On February 1, 2009, he was sent to ICU, as his condition was critical. His lungs were filled with water and this caused his lungs to collapse.

On March 8, 2009, Mr. Razzaq finally decided to bring baby Omar to Singapore to seek medical treatment. He was admitted to ICU in Gleneagles Hospital upon arrival. Baby Omar was under the care of Professor/ Dr Timothy Lee who is a profound neurosurgeon. Dr Lee decided to exteriorize the shunt so that water could accumulate in a plastic bag instead of causing problems in the lung and abdomen.

He was given 5 l of IV fluid to replace the 5 l of water that was drained daily. He weighed about 10kg at that time. Within a week, his
condition was stabilized enough for him to undergo a major surgery to remove his tumor.

On March 26, 2009, baby Omar underwent an eight-hour surgery in which Dr Lee successfully removed the 9 cm tumor. A
day after his surgery, he had fit and his BP was high. Medication was administered to lower his BP. A CT scan was then ordered