Since young I enjoy music but was never much of a singer. Around 40 year old, I was asked to help lead singing in church. But I could not reach a ‘C’ comfortably. So I took up singing lessons. Through the years I passed Grade 8 singing examination, obtained a Performer’s Certificate and a Diploma in Singing with distinction in 2008. I taught students for grade 2, 5 and 8 examinations.

“The Lord’s Prayer” I often begin my health talk in churches with this song, a prayer

“Mary, did you know?” was sung in a church in Indonesia.

“I will follow Him” from Sister Act

“Christmas Hallelujah” The lyrics of the secular song Hallelujah was rewritten by an operating theatre nurse

“The Holy Night” was sung during Christmas lightup in Gleneagles Hospital

“A New You” was sung in Chinese in a church in Indonesia

“Amar Sonar Bangla” The Bangladesh National Anthem was sung during a meeting in Dhaka in 2017

“How can I not think about you” a Chinese classical song was performed in Johor in 2018

“Torna A Surriento” A Chinese version was performed in Johor 2019

“Lullaby” was sung by my 90 year old mother. She used to sing this to me when I was young